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Mechanic's Liens and Bond Claims

With over one-hundred years of combined legal experience, the attorneys of Babcock Scott & Babcock have a proven track record for helping owners, sureties, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, architects, engineers, and other construction and design professionals to protect their money and to collect unpaid construction debts.

Construction site Mechanic’s Liens and Bond Claims

We help our clients to protect their money through drafting and filing mechanic’s lien, payment bond, and performance bond claims. Our attorneys work with our clients to draft and enforce contracts, credit applications, personal guarantees, indemnity agreements, letters of credit, security agreements, UCC filings, joint check agreements, and mechanic’s lien waivers. The lawyers of our firm also educate our clients about protecting their money through Utah’s State Construction Registry (SCR) by filing Notices of Commencement, Preliminary Notices, and Notices of Completion. When it comes to protecting your money on mechanic’s lien and payment bond claims, you could say that we “wrote the book” – our firm publishes “Protecting Your Money: Utah’s Mechanic’s Lien Law.” We have also written a number of articles for the National Association of Credit Management (NACM) and other associations regarding construction-related collection issues.

Our attorneys help clients to recover unpaid construction debts by:

  • Preparing demand letters for construction contract claims
  • Pursuing breach of construction contract claims
  • Preparing, filing, perfecting, and enforcing/foreclosing mechanic’s liens
  • Pursuing private and state payment bond and performance bond claims
  • Pursuing federal Miller Act payment bond and performance bond claims
  • Pursuing private and public Prompt Pay Act claims
  • Pursuing failure to pay retention claims on construction projects
  • Applying for payment to the Lien Recovery Fund

We have extensive experience, in and out of the courtroom, in effectively helping our clients to protect their money and to collect unpaid construction debts.

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At Babcock Scott & Babcock, our attorneys have over one hundred years of combined legal experience. We counsel our clients to avoid disputes. When a claim does arise, we are proactive in advocating our client’s interests. Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, our firm is the premier construction law firm in the State of Utah.

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