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Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Babcock Scott & Babcock, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, has gained a reputation as the premier construction law firm in the state. With over one hundred years of combined legal experience, our attorneys realize the importance of a smooth and successful real estate transaction.

Attorney meetingAt Babcock Scott & Babcock, our lawyers are committed to guiding you through the complex process of commercial real estate transactions. Many steps are required to complete a successful commercial real estate transaction. Contract law, including the statute of frauds, governs the contract between the buyer and the seller. Real property laws govern the transfer and possession of commercial land. We can guide you through a successful real estate venture, including assistance with:

  • Acquiring suitable land to develop
  • Navigating through the complex maze of land-use and zoning requirements
  • Dealing with federal, state, and local governmental entities
  • Obtaining site approval from various governmental bodies
  • Complying with the regulations of various governmental agencies
  • Assisting with building code compliance issues
  • Financing all aspects of a construction project
  • Eminent domain issues

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At Babcock Scott & Babcock, our attorneys have over one hundred years of combined legal experience. We counsel our clients to avoid disputes. When a claim does arise, we are proactive in advocating our client’s interests. Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, our firm is the premier construction law firm in the State of Utah.

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